Sum Tuck Wah

Sum Tuck Wah As an expert in applying Kepner-Tregoe's critical thinking process to the manufacturing industry, Sum Tuck Wah is well versed in the importance of managing operational improvements across the organization. As a former process engineer and new product engineer, Tuck Wah also has an appreciation for clearly communicating the operational vision to employees and developing the employee skills needed to carry out that vision. It is this two-pronged perspective that has made Tuck Wah an invaluable partner to companies such as Hewlett-Packard China, Microsoft, Dell, Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company and Wrigley Asia.

Being a Six Sigma Black Belt, Tuck Wah has the expertise and vision needed to help clients reduce operational complexity and improve operational efficiency. In his work with a manufacturing company in the Asia Pacific region, Tuck Wah helped management see that the company's recent move to lean manufacturing had not been clearly communicated to employees. Employees had not been told what the lean manufacturing initiative was trying to achieve or how the initiative was supposed to work on an operational level. Working together, Tuck Wah and the management team were able to clarify the company's vision for lean manufacturing for each level of staff. They were also able to develop an action plan for gradually moving each company site to lean manufacturing operations. The results included a smooth transition to this new way of doing business, employees who understood and embraced the new initiative, and a management team ready to tackle the next challenge.

Tuck Wah also prides himself on all that he has learned from his strategy work with clients. "Engagements with multi-national companies have taught me many things. I've come to really understand how important it is to focus on results, but not at the expense of employees. Developing the skills of your employees ensures that the results you achieve today will, most likely, be overshadowed by the results you and your employees achieve tomorrow."

Tuck Wah has a bachelor's degree in engineering, graduating with honors from Nanyang Technological Institute, and an MBA in international business and finance, graduating with honors from Oklahoma State University. Prior to joining Kepner-Tregoe, he worked in process engineering, new product development, and plant management.