IT Service Delivery from a 3rd Party – Jumping from Reactive to Proactive

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iStock 000014846080XSmallProactive Problem Management Strategy

Problem management is often the most under used process, and is described by some as the
"If we only have the time" process. In reality it is a process that if used correctly adds real value to the business, and supports all of the other service management processes. To get there, there is a need to invest both time and resource – the very things that problem managers have little of.

Another issue is that problem management requires a combination of skills and approaches which are often lacking in many organisations. In addition, organisations get used to implementing permanent workarounds, ignoring the obvious benefits to both the business and ICT of investigating the source and eliminating the problem for good with a permanent change.

IT Service Delivery from a 3rd Party – Jumping from Reactive to Proactive – Mike Evans, TS Ltd and Rich Starkey, Oasis Healthcare. A case study in IT Service Management process improvement


Proactive Problem Managment Article, published in Service Talk, Spring 2012, written by Steve White and Robert Kolaczynski.

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