Project Logic

Efficiency in planning

Project Logic is a unique, project management software product that creates a bridge between Microsoft® Project and Kepner-Tregoe Project Management. This customized software overlay links the Kepner-Tregoe rational processes with Microsoft Project’s robust functionality to promote best-practice use of both.

Kepner-Tregoe and Microsoft Project

Using KT process inside MS Project


Project Logic has special toolbars and other key navigation features that enable users to access precisely the parts of Microsoft Project they need, at precisely the time they need them.

This approach facilitates step-by-step use of the Kepner-Tregoe Project Management process, as well as the critical setup of project files prior to entering data.

Examples and worksheets are provided to improve project definition, planning, and implementation and to ensure that key project information is consistently captured and incorporated.


Project Logic transfers KT Project Management capability to the workspace and improves collaboration on the job as teams share this common process/common language approach. Use Project Logic to help:

  • Clearly define project work and resources
  • Capture and communicate project objectives
  • Assign resources and level workloads
  • Determine reporting requirements and set up clear, meaningful reports
  • Update and analyze project progress quickly
  • Assess project performance and implement controlled changes
  • Set up and manage multiple projects
  • Capture objectives, analyze risks, and document lessons learned to create a full project history
  • Access Kepner-Tregoe process flowcharts and Microsoft Project hints and descriptions

Project Logic FAQs

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